Windows Client   v7

1 – Download and Install the latest DroidCam Client.

Windows 10/11 (x64) only. Consult the Help page for older systems.

DroidCam.Client.Setup.exe (80MB)

Go to on your computer to download and install the client!

2 – Launch the client from the Start menu, and open the DroidCam OBS / DroidCam Webcam app on your phone.

3 – In the computer client, click into the centre, or right-click and choose Add > DroidCam.

Make sure your phone is connected to the same network as your computer, and the phone app is open and ready.

The PC Client will search for and display available devices. Click [Refresh Device List] to try again. After 3 attempts, you will be presented with the option to add a device manually.

If WiFi auto-discovery is failing: ensure multicast is allowed on your network, try toggling Wifi Off/On, or restarting your computer.

4 – Add your device, and the DroidCam client will attempt to connect with the DroidCam app. Once active, re-open chat programs (Zoom, Teams, Discord, Skype) and access the video feed by selecting "DroidCam Video" as your camera – just like a regular webcam.

Use File > Exit, and re-launch the Client if you do not see any video output after initial installation. If that does not help, you may also need to restart the computer for the client to sync the webcam video.

Tick "Enable Audio" box when adding a device to capture audio from the phone as well. You can then select "Droidcam Audio" as a microphone in other programs. Note that audio quality and latency may vary, and using Droidcam for video-only is recommended.

DroidCam in Google Meet